FCA is a club, an organization, and a family that is near and dear to our hearts. But it’s not only ours, this family has stretched and grown for generations since our starting point in 1978. While as years go by, most orgs tend to forget their past to look ahead, but FCA looks towards the future while carrying the beauty of our past. This page is to honor our history, our traditions, and our FCA culture.

Past PCN Pages

PCN: the culmination of all things FCA. 2022 was our first PCN after two years online and also the first year with PCN pages. Linked below is our 2022 PCN pages and the recordings of several past PCNs.

2022 PCN: Imong Adlwaw, Akong Adlaw

– 2022 PCN Page

2021 PCN: Kahit Saan

2019 PCN : Sila, Tayo, Ako

2018 PCN : Dalawang Dalaga

2017 PCN : Puso ng Barrio

2016 PCN : Ang Nakalimutan

Past Subgroups

Subgroups are one of the biggest things that sets FCA apart, we give the space for general body members to participate in whatever they are most interested in throughout the week! While most subgroups that you know today have existed since forever, there a few past subgroups that have yet to come back to FCA, their pages can be found below.

Current Subgroups:

Cultural, Sports, Modern Dance, Writing Committee, FCArts, BuzzFCA

Past Subgroups: 

Past BuzzFCA (BuzzFCA used to have a website too!)



Past Events

Beyond the constitutionally mandatory GBMs and EBMS, even our larger FCA events have fluctuated over time. Below are events FCA used to hold but no longer do.

Filipino American Studies Gala [Last held Spring 2019]

(if this event is not held again, it was lost most likely due to the two online years for FCA which ended in Fall 2021)

Every two years, the Filipino Cultural Association (FCA) hosts the Filipino American Studies (FAST) Gala. This biennial gala both celebrates the creation and supports the continuation of the FAST class at the University of Maryland, College Park. The class will have been taught for 12 years starting in 2019. It has also contributed to scholarships in honor of Filipino community leaders to help students continue forward with their studies.

The Seventh Biennial Filipino American Studies Gala

TerraPinoy Day [Last held 2.23.19]

TerraPinoy Day is an annual one-day event hosted by the Filipino Cultural Association (FCA) at the University of Maryland, College Park. This event is open to local middle school and high school students. TerraPinoy Day features a series of developmental workshops from how to understand and handle stress to exploring community service to learning more about options after high school.

FACES Fasion Show [Last held Fall 2012]

FACES Fashion Show is an annual collaboration between FCA, KSA (Korean Student Association), and CSA (Chinese Student Association)


This first miscellaneous piece of FCA history is a PSA that was made for WMUC, the radio station at UMD. They ended up liking it so much, that they continued to play it for several years. In 2022, they reached out to FCA, letting us know that we are “famous at our station[WMUC] for having one of the best PSA’s of all time” and wanted to know if we would be interested in making a less outdated one. Since our predecessors ensured that the PSA wouldn’t remain outdated for a long time, we replied that we would be honored if they continued playing the same file and they were honored to do so. This PSA file can be found below.

Note: most of the PSA is voiced by FCA Historian 2015-2016, Khaleed Robinson

Miscellaneous fun fact: the making of FCArchives:

Much of our past has been kept on private pages on this website, seen only by webmasters.  Beyond the pages on the website, I found myself searching the internet for missing TerrapiNOISE Volumes or running into random bits of FCA history across campus like the WMUC PSA. Now, at the end of my term, I have made these pages public but unlisted for general body and future eboards to browse through, in hopes anyone else can find the feeling of this community through our history.

Welcome to FCArchives<3

– FCA Webmaster 2021 – 2022

Miscellaneous fun fact:

notice how some of the webpages in this archive look a little older? That’s because FCA Webmaster 2020-2021, Mariel de Plata revamped our website with shiny new gizmos so everything looks pretty:)

Miscellaneous fun fact: 

Did you know that FCA was actually first founded in 1978 under the name of  “Samahang Filipino”? Only in 1981 were we renamed as the “Filipino Cultural Association”


TerrapiNOISE was a series of newsletters that were printed and then distributed at GBMS. It was a newsletter that highlighted general body and gave members a voice. While some editions have been lost, the remaining few can be found below.

TerrapiNOISE Volume 1

TerrapiNOISE Volume 2

TerrapiNOISE Volume 3

TerrapiNOISE Volume 4

TerrapiNOISE Volume 5

Culture Corner

Culture Corner was a series of pages dedicated to fun facts and brief history about Filipino culture, created by FCA Webmaster 2017 – 2018, Jason Vargas. The remaining pages can be found below.

The Philippine Flag

Filipino-American History Month (FAHM)

Philippine Culture Nights (PCNs)

Holidays in the Philippines

Did You Know?

Origins of Filipino Foods

Traditional Games

Philippine Symbols

Filipinos in Rap and Hip-Hop

Sports in the Philippines