Executive Board: 2019-2020

President : Noemi Arquero

Hello everyone! My name is Noemi (pronounced like Annoy Me, without the A!)! If you wanna learn a little bit about me, I am a huge Disney/Marvel nerd, I’m obsessed with board games/card games, and  I’m an escape room fanatic. I’m honored to serve as your President for the 2019-2020 school year! FCA has always been my family and my home away from home. I hope that together we can keep those family vibes strong and learn more about Filipino culture along the way.

Vice President : Josh Namata

Hey guys! I’m Josh and I’m returning this year as your Vice President for the 2019-2020 school year! I’m a gamer, mango lover, and a lover of anything music. My mission for this term is to create the family vibe FCA is known for and to make everyone feel at home. I hope to meet everyone and maraming salamat! Peace. Love. FCA.

Cultural Co-Chair : Neil Coronado

Hello! My name is Neil and I am one of the cultural chairs for this year! This means that I’m gonna be around helping to coordinate our cultural dances, cultural retreat, and just making sure to always keep culture at the heart of FCA in general (whether it’s history, pop culture, or especially food:) )! School-wise I’m a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Statistics, but in my free time, you can always catch me either reading or playing video games.

Cultural Co-Chair : Jiana Soriano

Helloo!! I’m Jiana, one of your Cultural Chairs for this year! There’s so many aspects to the Filipino culture- from dance, to food, and even our v own FCA family! Culture is always existing in our past, present, and future and how we experience it is unique for every single general body member. This year I hope I can help you appreciate how your own culture has shaped who you are today by sharing as much as I can about the Filipino culture! And dw I’m still learning something new every day. A lil more about me, I’m a Biology major who loves reading, watching movies, and I was also freshman rep last year! I’m p quiet but i’m always down for a quality convo or just scrolling through nerdy science vids and memes of cute animals:)

Secretary : Allaine Hontiveros

Hi, I’m Allaine, and I’m your secretary! I’m a finance major here at CP. I love anything art related, so like drawing, singing, dancing…also very much into anime! Lowkey a neat freak, ocd if you will, so organization is key especially with that full schedule. Very excited being on board to serve y’all as secretary and as a friend.

Director of Public Relations : Rachel Oh

Hehe hi it me c: My name’s Rachel and I’m this year’s Director of Public Relations! I’m a graduating senior with a Communications major and Korean Studies Minor. I love hoodies, sleep, food, memes, being comfortable, and hanging with ma homies. I’m nervous, but SUPER EXCITED to be on the executive board and can’t wait to show you guys why I chose to be in FCA! I may not know much about Filipino culture, but what I do know is that I met a lot of wonderful people and some of my closest friends in this org, leaving me with so many great memories that I’ll cherish forever. I hope that FCA will do the same for you that it did for me. I can’t wait to meet you guys! Let’s be friends! :’)

Community Service Chair : Mario Santo Domingo

Hi everyone! My name is Mario Sto. Domingo and I am a junior Government and Politics major and Sustainability minor. As FCA’s community service chair, I’m your go-to person for all things community service and outreach. I was a freshman rep two years ago and I’m happy to be on E-Board once again! Feel free to reach out if you have any service project ideas or if you just want to chat about anything FCA-related! (P.S. Yes, that’s me on CNN! What a brief 15 seconds of fame!)

D6 Representative : John Escobar

What’s good y’all! My name is John Escobar (Johnny) and I am your District VI representative UMCP and the DVI historian for the 2019-2020 school year!! I am a Kinesiology major and hoping to become a physician assistant in the near future. I love taking photos and recently gotten into videography as well. FCA has connected me to so many people that call family. District VI has also connected me to other FCA’s around the DMV, and have made some long life bonds with their members. I hope to grow more as a person, a photographer, and meet some more great people at UMCP and other FCA’s as well!

Sports Coordinator : Jessica Cabacungan

Helloooooo! I’m Jessica (you can call me Jess) and I am this year’s Women’s Sports Coordinator! I am a junior majoring in kinesiology, I like playing volleyball, eating good food, and cuddling with cute plushies. If you like playing sports, being active, or just having fun, come find me and my partner, Aidien! We are more than happy to welcome you to fun bonding experiences that’ll get you active within the FCA community! Whether you are a returning or new member, come say hi and get sporty with us! 🙂

Sports Coordinator : Aidien Vitug

Hello! I’m Aidien Vitug, FCA’s men’s sports coordinator. I’m a graduating senior majoring in Kinesiology. I love sports as much as I love FCA! Feel free to ask me and my partner Jess about upcoming FCA and D6 sports events!

Design and Publications Editor : Timothy Johnson

Yeeeuuurrrr!!! Hey guys, my name is Tim Johnson and I am your current Design and Publications Editor for the rest of the semester. I am a kinesiology major, hoping to also minor in Asian American studies. I was born in Moscow, but was raised in Malolos, so you now ya boi is cultured. As your DPE, I mainly do the organization’s graphics, designs, merch, and etc. Through my work, I hope to fully relay the morals and principles that FCA is founded upon. If your ever interested in learning more about what I do, just hit me up and I’ll try to respond to you A$AP (no Rocky).

Historian : Roeve Fajilan

Hullo friends! I’m Roeve and I’m the historian this year! I’m a Criminology and Criminal Justice Major with a minor in Asian American studies. If I don’t have my camera with me then I’m either sleeping or singing. I love grilled cheese and commas are my fave type of punctuation. I was born in the Philippines, but I moved to the States when I was really young so FCA really gave me the chance to learn more and grow with other people in culture. Hope to see y’all come out this year 🙂

Freshman Representative : Emily Pan

Heyooo I’m Emily Pan and I am Enzo’s partner in freshman repping! I am a double major in Technical Theatre and Electrical Engineering (I’m not sure what I’m doing with my life actually). Fun facts about me! I am 4 feet and 9 inches tall! I can be found shooting photos of my amazing friends, boxing or swimming at Eppley, or “studying” in Tawes. I am always either eating or sleeping or eating a box of Honey Nut Cheerios. Most importantly I am incredibly proud to be the freshman rep for the best class™ and I am excited and thankful for wonderful memories with this FCA family 🙂

Freshman Representative: Enzo Regala

Yo, I’m Enzo Regala and I am Emily’s partner in freshman repping! I’m an information science major and as freshman rep, I’ll make sure our freshmen class stays having the most fun. If i’m not freshman repping, i’m playing sports (basketball, badminton), playing video games (minecraft, 2k, league), chilling at Tawes, chilling at Stamp, or making bad dad jokes!