About Us

The Filipino Cultural Association (FCA) is a student organization at the University of Maryland, College Park designed to increase awareness of Filipino culture as well as strengthen the unity among its members through cultural, academic, athletic, and social programs. Under the leadership of Lito Sison in the 1978-1979 academic year, several Filipino students sought to unite their fellow Filipinos at the University of Maryland. Originally called “Samahang Filipino”, the organization adopted the name “Filipino Cultural Association” in 1981. It then reached its arms out to welcome friends of other nationalities interested in discovering the beauty and excitement of Filipino culture and history.

What We Do

FCA is an organization that connects students at the University of Maryland, College Park through cultural, academic, athletic, and social events. Our main events occur every other Thursday, where we hold General Body Meetings. These meetings consist of group activities centered around connecting the Filipino culture to our experiences. Through our subgroups, we also host other events, including cultural meetings, intramural sports, dance workshops (both traditional and modern), and arts showcases. Additionally, we network with other schools on the East Coast through the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND Inc). Within this group, FCA is apart of District 6 which includes colleges in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.