Philippine Culture Night

Philippine Culture Night, or PCN, is known as the culmination of all things FCA. This event combines all the separate aspects of our organization into one large production that is written, directed, and performed by our very own members. Focusing on topics that relate to us as Filipino Americans, this play showcases our experiences through our own personal lenses. With both cultural and modern dance performances weaved in as well, this event truly encapsulates all of the pieces that make up FCA.

PCN 2023: Narito Ako

“NARITO AKO” follows the story of Fiona and her family before, during, and after her debut. We explore family relationships, seeing how relatives (both blood and non-blood) show their love. However, these displays of love are demonstrations of how impact can overshadow intent. We discover how being too focused on the past (or future) can distract from the love that matters most – the love in the present.

Part 1

Part 2