Executive Board: 2022-2023

President : Andrea Cagurangan (She/Her)

hello!! welcome to the fca page!! my name is andrea and i am the current FCA president! i am a current junior double majoring in marketing and management and i have been a fca member since the fall of my freshman year of college! i served as the 2021 to 2022 fca historian where i had the honor of creating content and capture precious fca memories. fca has been one of the highlights of my college career; i have learned so much more about myself, my history, my passions & have been able to become a stronger member of my amazing community! i hope all of you also get to experience this wonderful org & i am always down to talk more about my experiences about fca, umd, kabataan alliance (one of our partner orgs—check them out on our website or their ig!!), or whatever so reach out whenever!! see y’all soon 😀

Vice President : Sherwin Esguerra (He/Him/His)

hiii everyone~~ it’s nice to see you all again, this time as FCA’s Vice President for the 2022-2023 school year 🙂 I am a junior journalism major and science, technology, ethics and policy minor, so catch me outside of FCA reporting on campus and such. I’m from Potomac, Maryland, and there weren’t many FIlipinos at my schools growing up, so joining FCA was very intimidating but also truly amazing! I like dancing, kpop, anime, and thrifting!! if you ever want or need to talk about anything, and i mean anything, feel free to reach out to me and i’d love to talk and listen to you :3 Welcome and looking forward to seeing you all <3

Co-Treasurer : Angelo Omes(He/Him/His)

Heyyy ;DD My name is Angelo and I am one of your treasurers for this year! I am originally from Baltimore and I am also a senior architecture major and sustainability studies minor, so catch me in the architecture building making models 😀 I love music, food, board games, thrifting, and long drives! I have made so many lifelong friends and lasting memories ever since I joined FCA and I can’t wait to start making some new ones this year!

Co-Treasurer : Francesca de Guzman (She/Her)

Hii! I’m Francesca but you can call me Chesca, I am a sophomore majoring in business (I think marketing and information systems but idk..) I like to do lola activities like sewing, crocheting, listening to music, picnics, watching the sunset, and playing board games.
I have made so many memories and friends in FCA and I’m excited to make more & be on eboard this year as co-treasurer! Don’t be afraid to reach out 🙂 <3

Co-Cultural Chair : Glean Villaneuva (She/Her)

hellooo everyone kamusta?? my name is Glean and i am the co-cultural chair of a FCA this year :)) i’m an architecture major with a minor in sustainability, so if you’re the same, or interested in one of these, feel free to talk to me about it! i also speak fluent tagalog, so if you ever wanted to chismis with anyone, i’m your person. i might seem shy at first but i promise once you get to know me i might just never stop talking. i’m soooo excited for all the events we planned for this year, i really think you guys would like them. kitakits!

Co-Cultural Chair : Therese Martin (She/Her)

hellor everyone:3 my name is therese martin and i am one of the co-cultural chairs for FCA this year! i am a comp sci major, so you can definitely catch me in iribe studying, coding, or eating at the cafe. i transferred to the umd just last spring semester and immediately joined fca!! this club easily became my second family and got me doing things i never imagined myself doing, like karaoke in a lecture hall or cooking filipino spaghetti at 4am :0 outside of fca and school though, i like doing puzzles, listening to music (zack tabudlo, rex orange county, tyler the creator, and a bunch more), and watching horror movies. so if you have a puzzle you can’t solve or music/movie reccommendations, let me know! i’m supa quiet, but i love love love meeting new people:)<3

Secretary : David Tu (He/Him)

Omg hello everyone!!! My name is David Tu (he/him), and I’m FCA’s Secretary for the 2022-2023 school year! I’m a junior majoring in Information Science, so y’all are prolly gonna catch me coding a lot 😮‍💨. Aside from school, I love playing volleyball and video games, so if you guys ever want to do either don’t be shy to hmu bc I’m always down for both 😎. I also love making friends and getting to know people, so just know you can talk to me about anything. As secretary I’m in charge of reserving the spaces for all our events, so if you guys have anything you want to see in FCA feel free to let me know :’) I’m looking forward to meeting all of you guys this year 😌

Co-Director of Public Relations: Ron Reyes (He/Him)

hello hello! It’s Ron again and this year I’ll be serving as one of the first ever Co-Director of Public Relations. I am junior information science major. FCA became a home for me right when I joined UMD and I hope I can make it the same for you. I want to get to genuinely know everyone who comes to FCA so if you need that one friend at an event please approach me and lets chat. You’ll always see me in a nice outfit because I love fashion and thrifting (@ronrafaelreyes on insta #shamelessplug). I also enjoy dancing, sports (table tennis,volleyball, tumbling), video games, and anime. I’m so excited to serve general body this year, but I need to know you to serve you better so lets be friends 🙂

Co-Director of Public Relations : Lei Danielle Escobal (She/Her/Hers)

Hi there! I’m Lei Danielle your co-Director of Public Relations. As a junior, I’ve had my fair share of major changes but I’ve found my final destination as a Sociology and American studies double major and Asian American studies minor with a potential citation in creative writing. Because I spend a lot of time studying different communtities and community building, I found myself naturally gravitating to FCA. It’s a silly little club that’s made a lot of silly little people happy and that matters!!! So happy you are here and I can’t wait to meet you <3 (and bug you until you consensually come to our events and join our fun hehe)

Community Service Chair: Francis Maglaqui (He/Him)

Hi friends! I’m Francis, and I’m your community service chair! :> A little about me is that I’m a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major with a Health, Humanities, and Medicine minor (I know it’s a mouthful but I swear it’s only one major and one minor lol). I grew up in Baltimore County, but my parents and family are from Davao City! Flan is my favorite dessert, and tocino is a treasured childhood food for me. Aside from food, some things I like are playing guitar, skateboarding, and listening to my two favorite bands, Cigarettes After Sex and Badflower. Come chat with me about any of these things, and I will become your best friend lol. As your community service chair, I’ll be hosting projects that’ll hopefully help people here and back in the Philippines. I hope to see y’all there throughout the semester :))

District 6 Representative : Reggie Ricamata (She/Her)

hi! i’m reggie and i’m a sophomore and i’m excited to be working with both d6 and fca! i’ve been a freshman rep and this is my second year on board. i love interacting with people from other d6 schools but besides fca stuff i love music and trying any type of asian food! if you ever find me on campus or anywhere give ma big hug:3

District 6 Representative : Eman Bautista (He/Him)

Heyyy guys! My name is Emmanuel Bautista (just call me
Eman) and I am 1/2 of your D6 Reps for the 2022-2023 school year! I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Asian American Studies. I like coding, making cool things, spicy food, drives, long talks, and literally everything so hmu to make a new friend:)

FCA has provided me a community and family of people that I have never experienced having before. I’m so excited to help further foster this community. This is truly a special place:))
#peace #love #fcslay

Sports Coordinator : Niño Bracamonte (He/Him/His)

What’s up everyone! My name is Niño Bracamonte (or sometimes you might hear people call me Nelson) and I am one of the sports coord for FCA. I’m a junior majoring in Public Health Science on the pre-dental track. I like playing all sports, especially basketball, so if you want to play, feel free to hit me up so that I can cook you 🙂 I’m also a big gym head and eat a lot so if you ever want to do any of those just lmk! When I’m not doing any physical activity, I enjoy solving puzzles, watching anime, and thrifting. FCA has become a second family to me and I appreciate everyone that I have met. I may look intimidating to approach but I promise I am super friendly and love meeting new people :)) I look forward to getting to know all of you!!

Sports Coordinator : Gemma Nguyen (She/Her/Hers)

My name is Gemma Nguyen and I’m one of the sports coord here. I’m currently a senior majoring in operations management, business analytics, and information systems. I frickin love sports like all types of sports (watch and play) especially basketball, but I’m not very good at it. I also like to lift and eat hehe. If you like any of the above hmu and let’s be friends :3 <3!

Design Publication Editor : Naro Lavarias (He/Him/His)

Uy, musta? I’m Naro/Geno and I’m your Design & Publications Editor for this year (making the graphics+posts basically)! I’m a senior majoring in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Transportation & Project Management, but I already have a degree from Towson in General Physics because I have no respect whatsoever for my mental wellbeing! I came here from the Philippines for college and I miss home everyday, but FCA helps me miss it a little bit less 🙂 so kung marunong ka mag-Filipino, mag-usap tayo! Mas masaya ang chikahan kapag Filipino yung ginagamit hehe 😉 When I’m not going insane engineering, I love playing Genshin, Zelda, & Tetris! I also ripstick and play the piano in my spare time. Can’t wait to meet you all and stan seventeen.

Historian : Matthew Watson (He/Him)

Hey y’all!! My name is Matthew Watson (he/him) and I’ll be your historian for 2022-2023! I’m a senior journalism major (and soon to be sociology minor!), and I joined FCA last year since I graduated from from Montgomery College in spring 2021 with my Associate’s degree in general. Fun fact: I’m half Filipino and half British, though I was born and raised here in Maryland. (My favorite Filipino meal is pork sisig and my favorite British meal is roast beef and Yorkshire pudding!) Whenever I’m not taking pictures or editing videos, I love listening to music (any Daft Punk fans?), playing on my Switch, and going for walks with my dog, Ronin. If you see me around campus, feel free to say hi! I’m always down to chat or just chill 🙂 I’m very excited to see what this upcoming year holds in store for all of us :face_with_cowboy_hat::camera_with_flash: Say cheese!

Webmaster : Patrick Hael (He/Him/His)

hi guys! my name is patrick and I will be your webmaster for the year. I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. I like to watch anime, read manga, gym, thrift, skateboard, and play piano & guitar. I also LOVE nicknames. Nicknames have a special place in my heart because it signfies a close connection with one another. My love for nicknames only started when I joined FCA. FCA welcomed me with open arms and created a safe space for me to grow as an individual. I am truly grateful for all the close conenctions I have with everybody in FCA and I hope I can be your guys friends and create a close connection with you as well 🙂 So when you see me please do not be boring and call me Patrick. Spice it up! Pick one of the following: patty, webpatty, eggsbenny, patser, pat, pattywatty, @pattywattycakess or better yet create a new nickname for me. I will also try to call you by a nickname as well and if you don’t have one I’ll find one for you :),

Freshman Representative : Bruce Reyes (He/Him)

HIII GUYSSS!!!! My name is Bruce Reyes, I am a computer science major and I am proud to be one fo your freshman representatives along side my supa cool partner Angelica 🙂. I enjoy listening to music (my top artists rn are Bruno Mars, J.Cole, Tyler the Creator, Ari Lennox and Ariana Grande), and I was a soccer player and used to play overseas in portugal, so you’ll catch me playing tons of sports with FCA! As soon as I got to UMD, FCA has welcomed me with so much warmth and open arms and have really became a second family for me. I want to spread the feeling of family with everyone in FCA! That being said I am super friendly so I’ll probably say hi to all of your beautiful faces! If I haven’t said hi yet, don’t be scared to say hi (i’ll say hi back).

Freshman Representative : Angelica Reyes (She/Her)

hi everyone! my name is angelica reyes, a middle school math/science education major, & i’m excited to be one of your freshie reps this year!! i love to read, go to the gym, and listen to music (some favs: sza, taylor swift, and giveon – lots of pop and rnb) so if you have any book or song suggestions pleaseee send them my way!! joining FCA not only helped me adjust more easily to UMD but it also helped me form amazing friendships and unforgettable memories with lots of people in our fun little family🫶🏼 i can’t wait to get to know everyone better, so please don’t ever be afraid to reach out or say hi 🥰