2016 – 2017 Executive Board

President: Alexis Flores

"Kamusta Kapamilya! I’m Alexis Flores and I’m excited to say that I’m President of FCA for the 2016-2017 school year. I will be graduating with both a Supply Chain Management and Information Systems major this coming spring. My passions in life are dancing, traveling, and of course food! I love learning about culture when I travel and am so proud when I get to share my Filipino culture with others. Feel free to talk to any one of us, come to an Eboard meeting, or send us an email. It’s going to be a great year, so I hope to see you around! Peace. Love. FCA."

Contact: president@fcaatumd.com

Vice President: Josh Tan

"Hello!  I'm Joshua Tan, more commonly known as Josh, JTan, or Tito JTan!  I'm super stoked that I can serve as the Vice President of FCA for the 2016-2017 school year.  I will be graduating this upcoming spring(internally/externally crying) with a major in English as well as a minor in Creative writing.  Honestly, it's been a great ride, two years in FCA has been a major part of that.  I have grown a lot in these past two years, first with being Male Sports Coord ("Hey guys, the only thing we're losing right now are calories!"), and secondly with being Treasurer (I don't have a funny/witty quote from this year).  It's now my opportunity to help all of you grow just as I have!  Feel free to hit me up with an email to learn more about our org!"

Contact: vice.president@fcaatumd.com

Treasurer: Eric Flores

"What’s up errrrrbody!?!? Mah name is Eric and I’ll be FCA’s treasurer for the 2016-2017 school year! As treasurer, I’ll be handling FCA’s finances. If ya got any questions about that, FCA, or life, please feel free to ask! During mah free time I like to exercise, play vidja games, and hang out! I am very excited for this upcoming school year so let’s make the most out of it!"

Contact: treasurer@fcaatumd.com

Secretary: Ryan Umagat

"What's good fam!? I'm Ryan and I'll be your Secretary for this year! I'm a Senior Mechanical Engineering Major and an Engineering School Ambassador, so if you see me around don't be afraid to say hi! As your Secretary, it's my job to make sure that we have space reserved for our events like General Body Meeting's, Debut, and PCN. Another one of my jobs is to keep FCA organized by updating the calendar, taking minutes, and more! I dont bite, so if we haven't met don't be afraid to say hi! If you ever want to lift, grab a bite, jam, hang out, or just want someone to talk to, hit me up!"

Contact: secretary@fcaatumd.com

Public Relations: Gabby Enguillado

"Hey everyone! I'm Gabby and I'll be your Director of Public Relations for this year! My job is to get the word out to everyone about what's happening in the organization and spread the FCA love (so I'm basically FCA's personal cheerleader ... even though I can't dance). I'm also an architecture major with a double minor in sustainability and global poverty. Oh and I love chocolate cake, going running, and Pamela Tarectecan. Feel free to contact me if you ever need anything or just come say hi to me whenever you're bored:)"

Contact: public.relations@fcaatumd.com

Community Service Chair: AJ Rivera

"Heya! My name is Andrew Jonathan Lintag Rivera; that's a lot of syllables, so you can call me AJ. I like to write music, go running and make videos! I'm also an avid gamer--though I haven't had time for that lately. Looking forward to a good year and making great memories with you!"

Contact: community.service@fcaatumd.com

Cultural Chair: Katie Medina

"Hello, kaibigan ko! I'm Katherine Medina, aka Kate, aka Katie, aka Co-Cultural Chair. I would love to help you discover what Filipino Culture is to you whether its through playing a new instrument, learning a dancing, cooking yummy food, or just hanging out! There's plenty to do 🙂 I'm also an Accoutning major with BSE Scholars (I know the strugle). I don't like exercising but I like Netflix and my dad is a burger king so feel free to talk to me about anything! Hope I get to see your face this year."

Contact: cultural@fcaatumd.com

Cultural Chair: Nessa Rillorta

"Hello po! Ako po ay si Nessa Rillorta at ako po ay ang isa sa dalawang cultural chairs ninyo! I'm so excited to embark on this journey with all of you in discovering more about our culture. Our culture is so rich and diverse that there's no way one person can fulfill what it truly means to be pinoy. Being Filipino means differently to everyone, and I am so blessed to be able to share with you my definition and how I envision our culture. Besides being a pride pinay, I am also a pre-PA biology major with a soon-to-be minor in creative writing. I am a coffee addict, a candles hoarder- I mean collector- and an avid Harry Potter fan so if you enjoy any of these, hmu! Ciao!"

Contact: cultural@fcaatumd.com

D6 Representative: Pamela Tarectecan

"Hey it's your friendly neighborhood, Spammy. Gen Bio and Secondary Education Major seeking to foster young minds. But for now, I'll be your returning FIND Inc, District Six Representative and the new District Six Co-Chair. Wanna be more involved in the greater Filipino community? I gotchu! But if you wanna just binge watch shows or movies or dance or just eat, I gotchu on that too, especially with the eating. D-What?! D-6! Learn it, love it. Peace. Love. FCA."

Contact: district.six.rep@fcaatumd.com

D6 Representative: Danny Chiang

"Hey! My name is Danny Chiang, and I am super excited to be one of your District 6 Representatives for the 2016-2017 school year. I'm a Computer Science major with a minor in Communications. While I love all things food, my bank account doesn't. But don't worry, that won't stop me from grabbing lunch or dinner with you, so don't be afraid to hit me up when you're hungry. My partner Spammy and I would love to welcome you to be a part of a larger Filipino community, especially among the DMV area. Let me know if you have any questions or just want to hang out, I love meeting new friends! See you around fam!!"

Contact: district.six.rep@fcaatumd.com

Female Sports Coordinator: Jasmine Namata

"Heeyyy! My name is Jasmine Namata and I'm the 2016-2017 Female Sports Coordinator. Along with my partner, Justin Sorra we're going to enhance and improve the overall health, physicality and camraderie of FCA and all it's members. Whether we are taking home Turkeybowl championships, crushing it in the D6 Basketball tournament or just playing a pick up game, I'm going to make sure we all have fun and we're doing it together as a team. FCA is family so who cares if you never played a sport or lifted a single weight before in your life? We're here for you and as the most FUNSIZED member, feel free to talk to me, study, or get ice cream 🙂 I like long walks on the beach and yelling at the TV when my team is losing. So let's break a sweat and have fun!"

Contact: sports@fcaatumd.com

Male Sports Coordinator: Justin Sorra

"Hi there! My name is Justin Sorra and I am FCA's Male Sports Coordinator this year. I am a Sophomore currently studying Electrical Engineering, so Engineers I feel your pain. I played baseball until 8th grade and ran track for four years in High School. Now I'm just a gym rat and you'll probably see me at the gym. If you have any questions about Turkeybowl, D6 Basketball, or Intramurals, don't hesistate to come talk to me or my partner in crime Jasmine! Or if you just wanna grab something to eat and talk about life, I'm down for that too. Especially the food, because I'm always bulking ;)"

Contact: sports@fcaatumd.com

Historian: Josh Geronimo

"Yo, yo, my name is Geronimo. Hit me up for some sweet photography, or any help with that Biology. Taking those photos is my game, but I hit “Record” just the same. For every pic, I make it slick, so get a kick, ‘cause I also do flicks. I keep track of the alumni, and push them to come by and say “Hi!” and maybe cry because we are so fly. What do I do for fun, you ask? You’ll probably find me doing a bike-related task. I’m either fixing them in Cole, or out letting the wheels roll. Otherwise, I’m watching anime or helping somebody with something; they don’t call me the “Handyman” for nothing. I usually got the tools you need, whether or not it involves a two-wheeled steed. I’ll be sure to keep my lens clear, so I look forward to seeing lots of smiles this year."

Contact: historian@fcaatumd.com

Webmaster: Greg (MicMic) Tayag

"HOOIYAAHH!!! My name is Greg, but you can call me MicMic, Mic^2, MicDouble, MicDomalds or anything else you can come up with that has Mic in it. I'm a Computer Science major so you can bet that I'm gonna take real good care of the website and any other technological needs. I extremely excited to be your Webmaster *cough* Webgod *cough* this year. If any of you Comp Sci majors need some help with your code I gotchu! I'm pretty much always around the Stamp table and always down to hangout. Whether it be balling out on the basketball court, shooting pool at TerpZone, or just chilling and talking. See ya around!!!"

Contact: webmaster@fcaatumd.com

Freshman Rep: Jericho Asis

Hey, guys! I’m Jericho Asis, your Male Freshman Representative for the 2016-2017 school year! I’m a freshman majoring in Public Health Science on a pre-medicine track. My interests are all over the place—from broadway musicals to baseball, from economics to country music—so please feel free to talk to me about literally anything and be my friend! You’ll most likely find me studying or eating in Stamp, on Route 1, or in the diner (the Freshman 15 is too real, y’all); just hit me up if you want to grab a bite! As your freshman reps, Kelly and I are excited to make sure that FCA’s class of 2020 has the best freshman year at UMD! #perfectvision

Contact: freshman.rep@fcaatumd.com

Freshman Rep: Kelly Zozobrado

Hi everyone! I'm Kelly, this year's female freshman representative! I am currently majoring in biology--the study of life, so you know I'm living it to the fullest :))) You can catch me outside (how bout dat) studying when the weather is nice or even on a hike! But most of all you're girl is known for cracking jokes and for her killer sense of humor, so hit me up anytime whenever you need a good laugh! Jericho and I are here to spread the peace, love, and FCA to all newcoming members, so we can't wait to make this year's freshmen class the freshest yet! Can't wait to see y'all around! #classof2020 #perfectvision

Contact: freshman.rep@fcaatumd.com