FCA’s BigLittle System has been a strong reflection of what FCA is: family. It has been an opportunity for general body members to create organic and natural connections. Most importantly, it gave the underclassmen a Kuya/Ate to lean on. All underclassmen, well more like all of us, are going through something and having that Kuya/Ate to be there and give you the emotional or physical support you need can be extremely assuring. However, with the online year, there seems to be a shift in culture in the BigLittle system that can come across as insincere, rushed, and can also leave many people out.

We on Eboard have noticed this shift and have deeply thought about the BigLittleSystem. We still want to keep the system unofficial; however, we decided the best way to reform the BigLittleSystem is to reaffirm the purpose of having a big/little and to also offer some advice. We understand that not all big’s/little’s are the same. Some big’s treat the BigLittleSystem more than others and some little’s have different needs than others. The advice we provide below are not rules to follow. These are just suggestions that we Eboard have created for both big’s and little’s.

If you have any advice you would like to add to these lists please reach out to any Eboard member! We hope we can bring back the original tradition and culture of the system to create a welcoming environment for everyone.

Advice for Big's

  • Every little has their own needs
    • Some are independent and some need a lot of attention
  • Take time to know your little
  • Do not feel pressured or forced to adopt 
  • Love is shown through variety of ways and can look different from each relationship to relationship
    • 5 types of love language 
  • Be ready for rejection when adopting, not everyone will have the same mutual feelings as you

Advice for Little's

  • It is okay to say No to be being adopted
  • Do not set expectations of your big
  • Appreciate and be grateful of your big

Advice for Everyone

  • You do not have to have the title of big little to be close to someone