FCA Elections!


A few reminders:

  1. FCA Elections is at 7PM Thursday, April 21st !!
  2. DEADLINE to remove your name from Nominations is NOON THURSDAY, April 21st
  3. Our Constitution is also being ratified, take a look at the new changes coming to FCA here!
  4. Check out Elections and Nominations info below!

Elections Info!

  1. Elections is at 7PM Thursday, April 21st !!
  2. Elections info doc is linked here and below!
  3. Eligible voters is linked here and below!

Nominations Info!

  1. You can add or remove yourself to the list of nominees anytime leading up to elections!
    1. To do so, you must contact our secretary Sherwin Esguerra (or contact any eboard member for help)
  2. If you are nominated and planning on running – here’s some important tips!
  3. Reach out to current and past eboards! Definitely reach out to current eboard to get a better understanding of the position you’re running for. And reach out to past positions since every year can be different:)
    1. Current eboard: https://fcaatumd.com/2021-2022-executive-board/
    2. Past eboards: https://fcaatumd.com/executive-board/

The nominations sheet is linked below!