The Sixth Biennial Filipino American Studies Gala

Every two years, the Filipino Cultural Association (FCA) hosts the Filipino American Studies (FAST) Gala. This biennial gala has supported the FAST class at the University of Maryland, College Park, which marks it's 10th year being taught in 2017. It has also contributed to scholarships in honor of Filipino community leaders to help students continue forward with their studies.

This year, the contributions from this Gala will support the Major General Antonio Taguba Profiles in Courage and Leadership Scholarship and the FilVets Organization to obtain the gold medals to be awarded to our Filipino veterans. Descriptions and donation forms of both are included on this page.
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Major General Antonio Taguba Profiles in Courage and Leadership Scholarship

Antonio Mario Taguba (born 1950) is a retired Major General having served 34 years on active duty. He is the second Filipino American to attain the rank of general officer in the U.S. Army. General Taguba is best known for authoring the Taguba Report, an internal U.S. Army report on detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, which was leaked and published in 2004. His courage and steadfast commitment to integrity in the face of adversity are admired by all who know him. Today, General Taguba gives generously of his time nationally and abroad to educate and mentor future generations of leaders. The Filipino Cultural Association at Maryland established this scholarship in 2008 to honor General Taguba and his dedication to young people.
Purpose: This scholarship recognizes undergraduates who demonstrate scholarship and outstanding leadership and undergraduates enrolled in Army or Air Force ROTC seeking a degree at the University of Maryland College Park. Recipients should also be considering a future career in federal public service, both civilian and military.
Amount of Award: $1,500 *Additional scholarships may be awarded for exceptional application quality.


The Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project


  • Initiate conclusive academic research on the Filipino American Soldiers experience during World War II including the Philippine Scouts, Philippine Commonwealth Army, Recognized Guerillas, New Philippine Scouts, 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment, 2d Filipino Infantry Battalion (Sep), And 1st Recon Battalion.
  • Raise national awareness and public education/information on their wartime service and sacrifice in defending the Philippines and United States.
  • Seek act of U.S. Congress to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the Filipino American World War II soldiers.


  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a Military Order on July 26, 1941 directing the Philippine Commonwealth Army, Philippine Scouts, and Philippine Constabulary to be under the command of the Commander, U.S. Army Forces Far East (USAFFE) to defend the Philippines and United States.
  • The fall of Bataan in April 1942, and Corregidor in May 1942 led to the capture of over 72,000 American and Filipino troops.
    USAFFE forces and Filipino civilians organized into Recognized Guerilla Units led by U.S. and Philippine Army Officers.
    The 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment, 2d Filipino Infantry Battalion (Sep), organized in California, and 1st Recon Battalion participated in the Philippine Liberation in 1945-46.
  • Over 260,000 Filipino soldiers fought in WWII. An estimated 16,000 to 18,000 soldiers remain in the U.S. and Philippines.