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FCA (Filipino Cultural Association) is a student network organization designed to increase awareness of Filipino culture as well as strengthen the unity among its members through cultural, academic, athletic, and social programs.…


2014-15 EBoard Nominations!

Posted on 04.14.14

2013-2014 FCA Eboard Nominees

Posted on 04.13.13

Spring Office Hours

Posted on 04.05.12

    A Message from Our President: Krystle Domingo Canare

Mabuhay! Welcome to the Filipino Cultural Association at the University of Maryland, College Park’s Official Website. Please take the time to browse our site and learn more about one of the University of Maryland’s oldest and largest cultural organizations!

FCA strives to embrace our heritage, amplify our voices, and celebrate the role of Filipino American values in society and our own lives. Whether it’s exploring our cultural identity, serving the community, fundraising, encouraging creative expression, participating in sports, or engaging in social activities, we hope to provide opportunities that empower our members to grow and learn more about themselves. Personally, I have found FCA to be a family away from home that has challenged me to be a better person.

I encourage you to become a part of this family and surprise yourself with what you can do! We look forward to meeting you!

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