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The Filipino Cultural Association (FCA) is a student organization at the University of Maryland, College Park designed to increase awareness of Filipino culture as well as strengthen the unity among its members through cultural,…

    A Message from Our President: Joel Vazquez

Mabuhay! Welcome to the Filipino Cultural Association (FCA) at the University of Maryland, College Park's official website! Please feel free to take a look at what FCA has to offer and learn about why FCA is special to me and many others.

FCA celebrates Filipino and Filipino-American values and their contributions to our world and our lives. It encourages people to act and become their very best through art, dancing, community service, athletics, creativity, and leadership. Through these acts, we create a culture that allows individuals to surpass their best and become leaders that they themselves can be proud of in this organization and beyond.

This is what FCA has taught me and many others throughout history. I hope that you will join us in FCA's family and find out what FCA can offer you. We look forward to seeing you!

Peace, Love, FCA,
Joel Vazquez

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