Part I – Executive Summary

Birthday traditions around the world embody the cultures which they are a part of. Compared to its neighboring Asian countries, women in the Philippines generally experience a greater share of equality (2) and they hold a strong pride in their work and their identity (14). In Filipino culture, turning 18 represents a monumental event in a woman’s life as it marks her transition from childhood into adulthood and celebrates her readiness for womanhood and independence. This webpage is designed to inform members of the Filipino Cultural Association (FCA) at the University of Maryland, College Park of the Filipino debut tradition and its various components as well as the overall impact it has on the celebrant and those around them. FCA holds its own debut every spring semester to honor general body members who have contributed greatly to the organization, but these individuals may not be familiar with this tradition. The event is held to raise their awareness for Filipino culture and familiarize members to Filipino ideals. The information provided will inform general body members of the tradition and how similar ideas are incorporated into FCA’s own debut and will overall contribute to their cultural knowledge and awareness, one of FCA’s missions.