President: Jitter GarciaJitterG

“Hello everyone! I am very honored to be your FCA President for this school term. We have an incredible Executive Board to plan and execute the awesome events we have for this semester. There are so many things that this organization does that you can get involved in. From sports to dancing, play writing and acting, to one of the only Filipino American Studies Programs on the East Coast, the Filipino Cultural Association has something for everyone. Swing by and see what we’re all about!”

Vice President: Peter TarectecanPeterT

“Hey! The name’s Peter, but as you will find out I have many nicknames. Mainly “Pater.” I am a District 6 Representative for UMD’s FCA. I relay info back and forth between FCA and other Filipino organizations around the DMV area. If you wanna participate in events with the tri-state Filipino population, contact me or Brandon. I am also your Modern dance director/coordinator. You got my info if you like to get a workout while having fun dancing. This will be an awesome year! Get HYPED!!”

Treasurer: Christine BustamanteChristineB

“Hey everyone! I’m Christine Bustamante, but some call me Busta. I love to dance, play the drums, eat until I have a food coma, and have exciting adventures at the Elephant House. I’m excited to be the treasurer for 2011-2012. Basically, my job is handle FCA’s money and set up fundraisers, which help pay for all of the fun events and activities that we do throughout the year. If you’re interested in helping out, have any questions, or just want to hang out, let me know. Hope to see you around!”

Secretary: Jason NewtonJasonN

“HEH-LO!!! I’m Jason Newton and I will be your Secretary for the upcoming 2011-2012 year. So that means I’m pretty much responsible for making sure things run smoothly at GBMs and all the paperwork regarding FCA events is taken care of. When I’m not in class or the Campus Reservations Office, I can be found conducting my unofficial duties as keeper of the FCA table in the Stamp food court (and no, I’m not there all the time….). I’m a pretty laid-back and approachable person so if you have any problems, questions, or ideas don’t hesitate to contact me!”

Public Relations: Andrew AggabaoAndrewA

“Hello! My name is Andrew Aggabao, and as your Public Relations Officer, I handle the bulk of the networking for FCA. I send out messages through email, Facebook, Twitter, and plain word of mouth about FCA events and opportunities to get involved. I’m interested in making FCA as visible and inviting as possible, so don’t be afraid to ask me any questions or give me any feedback about FCA. Let’s make this FCA’s best year yet!”

Community Service Chair: Tyler BabichTylerB

“Hello!! My name is Tyler and I will be the Community Service Chair for 2011-2012. I look forward to meeting all our new members and working with old members as well. We will be running a lot of activities this year and I have high hopes for all of them. If you want to volunteer, or have any ideas for projects, please let me know.”

Cultural Chair: Christian EnguilladoChristianE

“Hey everyone! My name is Christian and I will be your 2011-2012 Co-Cultural Chair. We will be bringing lots of new and fun events for you, such as the first ever cultural retreat! Im pretty much one of the most friendliest guys you will ever meet, so please don’t hesitate to give me a holler.”

Cultural Chair: Krystle CanareKrystleC

“Mabuhay! I’m Krystle and I am one of your culture chairs for the 2011-2012 school year. As culture chair, I hope to promote awareness of our Filipino culture through dance, food, language, and any other workshops and mixers you can think of! You’ll probably see me working at bake sales ( I <3 CUPCAKES), Community assisting at the Denton front desk, or running cultural practices every Sunday in the Chem Building. If you want to learn more, don’t be shy – come out to cultural!”

D6 Representative: Brandon BartolomeBrandonB

“Hey guys, I’ll be one of your two District Six Representatives for this upcoming school year. District Six is an intercollegiate organization comprised of schools around the DMV area. It is my job to make sure our voice is being heard in D6 meetings. Don’t worry, this is gonna be a fun year!”

Sports Coordinator: Ryan ToledoRyanT

“Hello! My name is Ryan Toledo and I am a Kinesiology major following the pre-med path. I am the Sports coordinator and I will be coordinating events such as Turkey Bowl, D6 basketball, and intramural sports. Let me know if you want to see any sporting event happen. ”

Historian: Deema Alfadl-MirandaDeemaA

“Hola! I’m Deema and I’m FCA’s Historian for 2011-2012! I’m a third culture kid who’s a news junky, and loves to travel and learn about different cultures. I recently lived in Little Manila aka Dubai. I’ll be that person who’s at all FCA events, running around with a camera, taking photos and videos. I’m all about getting those Kodak moments lol! I’ll be also keeping track of the oh so epic Family War (Family 5!!). This year will be great! I’m pumped!”

Islander Editor: Jonathan ReyesJonathanR

“Hi, I’m Jonathan (aka J10) and I’m you’re Islander Editor this year. Thanks to FCA and all of the friends that I have in it, my freshman year was beyond amazing. I hope that as an e-board member, I can make my sophomore year even better and help everyone else have a lot of fun as well. I enjoy crosswords, Brawling, and just plain hanging out. Basically, I like having fun and helping people have fun. I hope to see you all around, whether it be in class, at STAMP, or just randomly around campus. And keep your eyes and ears open for interesting stories; I’m always glad to accept a possible article for the Islander.”

Webmaster: Mariel BartolomeMarielB

“Hey, I’m Mariel and I’ll be your Webmaster for the 2011-2012 year. I love film-making, jamming, laughing, and all things tech-y. My job is to update/maintain this website and to do other digital/web tasks. If you have any ideas for the website or if there’s a project you want to collaborate on, just let me know!”

Freshman Representative: Kris SalvadorKrisS

“Hey I’m Kris but you can call me Kris Swag Savvys because no one has ever called me that and you can be the first! Anyway I’m FCA’s freshman representative along with Patty and together we hope to make FCA a great experience for all the incoming freshman and the general body!”

Freshman Representative: Patricia MasiglaPattyM

“Hey everyone! My name is Patricia, but most people just call me Patty. I’ll be one of the freshman reps this year, and I’m super psyched! I love playing sports, listening to and to play music, chilling and meeting new people. I’m only a freshman, but I’ve already met lots of really chill people in FCA, and I’m here to pull you into the FCA family if you want. That’s my job, and I’m gonna do my best to make this 2011-2012 school year as fun as possible!”