2017 – 2018 Executive Board

Eric FloresPresident: Eric Flores

“Hello there! My name is Eric Flores and I am excited to say that I will be the President for the Filipino Cultural Association (FCA) at the University of Maryland College Park for the 2017-2018 school year! Some things that I like to do are exercise, eat, and hang out with friends. You can usually find me at the Table next to Taco Bell in Stamp, Eppley, and sometimes at Tawes. FCA offers a bunch of activities that include and are not limited to dancing, singing, athletics, acting, community service, cultural dances, and much much more! Be on the lookout for our chalking across campus, our flyers, and our Facebook event pages so that you know what FCA has in store.

Our E-board has a lot of ideas and plans this upcoming year, and we hope that you will join us on this amazing adventure! We are open to any and all ideas so please come visit us at the Table, at an e-board meeting, or send us an e-mail. I am looking forward to this upcoming year as we continue to grow as individuals and as a family!”

Contact: president@fcaatumd.com

Caryn PaskingVice President: Caryn Pasking

“Oh hey there! My name is Caryn and I’ll be serving as your Vice President this year! I was freshman rep two years ago with your D6 rep, Alex, and we’re back to keep up the FCA fun and love! I’m an Information Sciences major who loves non-horror movies, Prison Break, and Purple Patch bread pudding. If you ever need a cooking buddy, I’m probably not the person to ask (but I will gladly taste-test and supervise!) I look forward to having a good time and making a memorable year with you all ^_^ #pineapple”

Contact: vice.president@fcaatumd.com

Jasmine NamataTreasurer: Jasmine Namata

“Mabuhay! Kamusta ka? Ang pangalan ko ay Jasmine Namata, I’m a Public Health Science Major and the 2017-2018 Treasurer. After coming off my term as one of last year’s Sports Coordinator (#SportsCoords #Jsquared) I’m ready to serve FCA again! I love food, especially ice cream and french fries! Oiii! Kumain maraming pagkain para sa akin! That’s probably why I love concessions so much (which you should also come out too 😉 they are fun, I promise; who doesn’t love food and sports?). You may not be able to put a price on happiness, so I’ll make sure to work so we can all have a treasury of memories and a fun eventful year! “

Contact: treasurer@fcaatumd.com

Geri KozeliSecretary: Geri Kozeli

“What’s up everyone? My name’s Geri and this year I’ll be serving as your Secretary! I’m a fifth-year super senior (I just love school so much!) majoring in marketing and computer science and I’m so excited to work with everybody to give FCA another amazing year of fun and creative events! Some of my hobbies include eating (but not cooking), going to the gym (but not lifting), and sleeping (but only sometimes waking up). I might not be very good at writing bios, but that’s fine, my mom says I’m plenty good at other things! I look forward to getting to know all of you next year. Here’s to another amazing year with FCA! #Wavy #Icy”

Contact: secretary@fcaatumd.com

Galya ObermanPublic Relations: Galya Oberman

“Hi hi hello!! I’m Galya, senior psychology major and neuroscience minor and your Director of Public Relations for this year! My job is to promote and represent our org and to help show the world how special of an organization FCA is. Here are a few things I love dearly: my pup (he’s real cute), napping, pho, going on adventures, cooking and baking, bubble tea, and of course, FCA! If you ever have any questions or concerns, or if you just wanna talk about your day, I’m all ears 24/7. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings our FCA family, and I hope you’ll be a part of it! :-)”

Contact: public.relations@fcaatumd.com

Christina RogelioCommunity Service Chair: Christina Rogelio

“Hi, my name is Christina Rogelio and I am your Community Service Chair. I am a sophomore and I am excited to grow with FCA, getting to know the community better and hopefully making a big campus feel smaller. Whenever I pause from studying my major in Environmental Science and Technology with a minor in Spanish Language and Cultures, I love to get something to eat with friends, watch under-a- minute cooking videos, or discover other things I love to do! If you would like to discover the delectable qualiteas of bubble tea or just regular sweetened iced tea (my favorite drink), let’s talk! You can find me walking around South Campus with my inhaler or at Cultural Community Crew meetings where we plan community service events and share some qualitea time!”

Contact: community.service@fcaatumd.com

Vickie AtkinsonCultural Chair: Vickie Atkinson

“Hello!!! My name’s Vickie and I am one of your co-cultural chairs! I am a junior biology major on the education track. Theresa and I are here to teach what we know about Filipino and Filipino American culture, but we are here to learn from and with you too! We are both very excited to show off the cultural aspects FCA offers, whether it be at cultural retreat, dances, or through Filipino American Heritage Month. Besides loving cultural dance, I like to sew, sing, draw, and sleep. Looking forward to a great year with the rest of my E-board as well as the whole FCA general body!”

Contact: cultural@fcaatumd.com

Theresa PasagCultural Chair: Theresa Pasag

“Hi hello! Kumusta po! Ako si Theresa, Asian American Studies enthusiast, senior Economics major, and Technology Entrepreneurship and Asian American Studies double minor. But most importantly, I’m one of your co-cultural chairs! Vickie and I are so excited to teach you all we know about Filipino and Filipino American culture and history and to learn from all of you, too! My favorite things are Tagalog Coffee Hour, cultural dances, and basically all the other cool cultural things FCA has to offer! If you ever wanna learn more about FCA or if you just need some company, let’s have a boba date! <3 #foryouandme #takeFASTclass "

Contact: cultural@fcaatumd.com

Alex DavisD6 Representative: Alex Davis

“Hi! Hello! My name is Alex and I am one of your District 6 Representatives. Along with Gabe, I am here to unite you all to the greater Filipino collegiate community in the DMV area. I served as freshman rep two years ago with our VP, Caryn and now we are back and better than ever!! If I’m not studying for Kinesiology, you can find me playing basketball at Eppley, listening to music, eating lots of food, and even simply just smiling at something random. If you need anything, whether it’s just getting bubble tea or someone to talk to don’t be afraid to hit me up! #pineapple”

Contact: district.six.rep@fcaatumd.com

Gabriel VallangcaD6 Representative: Gabriel Vallangca

“Tara dito! Ako po si Gabriel and I’m a senior! Just like my handsome partner, Alex, I am also one of your District 6 Representatives for 2017-2018 school year. It is my duty to help you build relationships and get you involved with the bigger Filipino community outside College Park! When I’m not dying with Computer Science, and not advocating for Asian American Studies, I am usually in the gym trying to look beautiful, pretending to be a rockstar with my guitar, trying to be part of Luffy’s crew, or adoring endless videos of cute PUGS!! If you’re bored, have concerns, or in need of anything, come holla at me, I promise I do not bite! Lastly, I grew up in the Philippines. So if ever, you can talk dirty to me… in Tagalog ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).”

Contact: district.six.rep@fcaatumd.com

Sky NavarroWomen’s Sports Coordinator: Sky Navarro

“Hey Everyone, I’m Sky, your Women’s Sports Coordinator for the 2017-2018 school year. As your Sports Coordinators, Jay and I will work hard to create an outlet for General Body to have fun and relieve stress from school troubles. Whether you are an avid athlete or have no experience we encourage you all to participate in intramural sports, Turkey Bowl, and D6 sports. I am a Criminal Justice major, licensed Cosmetologist, and bubble tea enthusiast. If you ever want someone to eat with or want to learn martial arts then make sure to hit me up.”

Contact: sports@fcaatumd.com

Jude PejiMen’s Sports Coordinator: Jude Peji

“Hey everyone, ish ya boi Jay and I am your Men’s Sports Coordinator for the 2017-2018 school year. I’m really looking forward to working with all of you. With my partner ___, our job is to connect the General Body through physical activities and sports! So if you are interested in playing any intramural sport, D6 basketball and/or Turkey Bowl, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can message me anytime on Facebook if you ever wanna do some football drills, work-out at the gym, or just to hang out! Plzz message me if you plan on going to Iron Age ;)”

Contact: sports@fcaatumd.com

Elli UgotDesign and Publication Editor: Elli Ugot

“Hellooooo mga kaibigan ko! I’m Elli Ugot, a sophomore computer science major, as well as your Design and Publication Editor for this year. You can usually find me at the math library either working on projects, studying for upcoming exams, or indulging in off-task doodles. If you’re ever unsure of how to get involved in FCA, I will try my best to draw you a picture of what to expect. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on our publications, suggestions for our designs, or even if you have anything interesting you would like to share with our community and just remember that Ugot a friend in me!”

Contact: publication.editor@fcaatumd.com

AJ RiveraHistorian: AJ Rivera

“Heya! I’m AJ, fourth year, Architecture major, and I’m your Historian! My job is to represent YOU in FCA’s media presence and to keep our FCA families together–which sounds like a fine fun job to me. I’m a polymath, do-all-do-good, a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, archer, traceur, Youtube Gamer, etc… whatever else have you; it so happens that now I’m hobbying cameras. I was also last year’s Community Service Frydays manager, so, if you need any fries, I’ll be around! If you have an event you want a photographer for, hit me up. Stay fiery, and I’m looking forward to making memories with all of you. Ingats ampong suerte queka yo!”

Contact: historian@fcaatumd.com

Jason VargasWebmaster: Jason Vargas

System.out.println(“Hello, World! My name is Jason Vargas, and I’m honored to serve as FCA’s Webmaster for the 2017-2018 term! I’m currently a junior studying Computer Science with a minor in Statistics, which means there’s a 100% probability I only think in binary, hexadecimal or octal. At any given moment, I’m doing one of two things: Coding, crying… or both, but never neither. In my past, I ran track and cross country for 4 years, breaking a few school records along the way and getting the chance to race at Penn Relays, too, so that’s pretty cool!”);

System.out.println(“As Webmaster, I’m in charge of making sure this website is on point and that it adequately represents every aspect of FCA, whether it be Modern, Cultural, or Mezzos. If you ever have any questions or suggestions pertaining to the website, please let me know! I’m always happy to help :). With that being said, I look forward to what the rest of E-Board and I have in store for FCA this year, so come through and see what we’re all about!”);

Contact: webmaster@fcaatumd.com

Freshman Representative: Kelly ZozobradoKelly Zozobrado

“Hi everyone! I’m Kelly, this year’s female freshman representative! I am currently majoring in biology–the study of life, so you know I’m living it to the fullest :))) You can catch me outside (how bout dat) studying when the weather is nice or even on a hike! But most of all your girl is known for cracking jokes and for her killer sense of humor, so hit me up anytime whenever you need a good laugh! Jericho and I are here to spread the peace, love, and FCA to all newcomer members, so we can’t wait to make this year’s freshmen class the freshest yet! Can’t wait to see y’all around! #classof2020 #perfectvision”

Contact: freshman.rep@fcaatumd.com

Freshman Representative: Jericho AsisJericho Asis

“Hey, guys! I’m Jericho Asis, your Male Freshman Representative for the 2016-2017 school year! I’m a freshman majoring in Public Health Science on a pre-medicine track. My interests are all over the place—from Broadway musicals to baseball, from economics to country music—so please feel free to talk to me about literally anything and be my friend! You’ll most likely find me studying or eating in Stamp, on Route 1, or in the diner (the Freshman 15 is too real, y’all); just hit me up if you want to grab a bite! As your freshman reps, Kelly and I are excited to make sure that FCA’s class of 2020 has the best freshman year at UMD! #perfectvision”

Contact: freshman.rep@fcaatumd.com