President: Krystle Canare

“Hello again! My name is Krystle, and I am honored to serve as your President for the 2013-2014 school year. Despite my fear of bicycles and Woody the Woodpecker (don’t judge please J), I am a very optimistic person that has a good feeling about this year! FCA does amazing things – from athletics to modern/cultural dancing, acting, singing (yes, we have an acapella group!), social activities, and community service – so I challenge you to join in on the fun in whatever capacity your can.

Our E-Board has a lot of ideas in store for this school year, and we hope to make your college years a memorable experience. We are always open to new ideas and definitely here to help. So visit us at our office 0208G in the Stamp Student Involvement Suite or shoot us an e-mail if you have any questions or suggestions! Hope to meet you soon!”

Vice President: Leilani Padua

“Hi everyone! I’m Leilani, but most people just call me Lani. I’m so excited and happy to be your vice president for 2013-2014. Besides FCA, I have a passion for food and sleep. So if those two things don’t interest you, then hopefully something in FCA will! We have sports, cultural, modern dance, and a bigger D6 family to create more friends. We have a great year ahead of us, so I hope to see you all soon!”

Treasurer: Fredricche Tayag

“Waddup, guys! My name is Fred, and I will be your 2013-2014 Treasurer. In other words, I will be handling all the finances of FCA. I love dancing, acting, and modeling. I also love doing gymnastics, martial arts, basketball, and going to the gym. If you need help on any with these subjects, just hit me up!”

Secretary: Joan Kate Salvacion

“Hey everyone! I’m Joan Kate Salvacion – I like long walks on the beach, chicken, and more chicken [haha jk]. I’ll be your Secretary for the 2013-2014 school year! I am so excited to be working with this team for the year to make sure YOU enjoy your time here at UMD with your FCA Family! We’ve only got 4 years, and I have to tell you that some of the best memories and friends I’ve made at college have all been with my FCA fam. We have a lot to bring to the table for the year, and I encourage everyone and anyone to come out! If you ever see me around, don’t be shy to stop and say hi! I don’t bite – I swear first impressions can be misleading ;D Looking forward to a great year!


Public Relations: Lorenz Cruz

“Hey everyone! I’m your Freshmen Repre…wait. I’m actually your Director of Public Relations now! For the 2013-2014 school year, I’ll be in charge of getting the word out on all things FCA as well as building relations with other student organizations and public figures in our community. Look out for my posts on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram! You’re welcome to come out to ALL of our events, so be sure to attend them and make a few friends!”

Community Service: Christine Oliveros

“Mabuhay! My name is Christine Oliveros, but my real name is 2.0 🙂 I will be your Community Service Chair for the 2013-2014 school year! I’m here to ignite your passion for community service and ensure you have fun and learn alot during these events! I am so excited to meet you all! If you have any questions or suggestions for community service projects, PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’ll be here all year! If you don’t know who I am, look for the girl with the penguin. 😀 Get to know me and Admiral!”

Cultural Chair: Daniel Tamayo

“Hi there. My name is Dan, and I will be serving as one of the co-cultural chairs this year. I intend on helping you all learn about Philippine culture through some workshops and activities. Oh, and there will be cultural dances too! On a side note, some of my hobbies include practicing wushu, watching anime, and playing video games. I can’t wait to see you all this year! It’ll be a blast!”

Cultural Chair: Margaret Magnaye

“Kumusta! I’m Margaret, and I love making new friends. As one of your Co-Cultural chairs this year, I’m going to be talking to all of you a lot to see what YOU all want to do and learn this year 🙂 I’m always happy to talk to anybody, so don’t be shy! Have a great day!”

D6 Representative: Andrea Dauz

“:D Hi there! I’m Andrea, one of your co-D6 Representatives for the 2013-2014 school year! I enjoy playing sports, running, baking, singing, reading, and sleeping. My responsibilities include keeping you up-to-date with information and events in the D6 area. Don’t be afraid to say hi, I love making new friends. TALK TO ME, I’M FRIENDLY :3 <(^u^)>”

D6 Representative: Min Yun

“Why hello there! I’ll be one of your D6 Representatives this year. Working with Andrea Dauz will be a great pleasure, and we will make sure D6 is going to be amazing. As an FCA family, we are part of the bigger D6 family, and we want to be able to give you guys the chance to be a part of all the great things that we are planning. We will represent your voice among the other D6 schools. Additionally, we’ll create connections, relationships, and bridges with them to truly unite D6. Can’t wait to get started! Please find me if you have any questions!”

Male Sports Coordinator: Cameron Malagar

“I’m Cameron Malagar. and I am on track to get into the Business School to pursue a major in Finance. During my spare time, I like to play basketball and lift weights. During my term as the 2013-2014 Male Sports Coordinator, I would like to bring the General Body together and promote a sense of family and friendship through sports. Come out to our events – whether you’re playing or on the sidelines cheering your team on! Hit me up if you want to be involved in Turkey Bowl, D6 Basketball, or intramural sports!”

Female Sports Coordinator: Johanna DeGuzman

“OH WASSSUUHH!? I’m Johanna, but everyone calls me Joh. I’m your female sports coordinator for the 2013-2014 school year! It is my job to get our general body members to become physically active and participate in FCA sporting events. We participate in everything from intramurals to D6 Basketball and Turkey bowl. If you have any ideas, questions, concerns, or just want to get to know me, feel free to contact me anytime. OH, and follow me on twitter – @thatsjoh !”

Historian: Alexandra Fitch

“Hey guysss! I’m Lexi, your new FCA Historian! Photography is my thing, so it’s only fitting that I hold this position. 🙂 I’m so excited to contribute to FCA this year because it did so much for me my freshman year. The smallest things get me really excited, so don’t be surprised if you see me bouncing off the walls for no reason (or well, for my own reasons). I love making people smile and laughing ’till I cry my eyes out. So please ignore my obnoxious (but awesome) laugh. Feel free to talk to me anytime about anything or express ideas you have! Let’s make this year great! IT’S. GOIN’. DOWN……basement”

Publication Editor: Gabrielle Abella

“Hai guyzzzzz! Welcome to the FCA family! My name’s Gabby, and I’m FCA’s design and publication editor for the 2013-2014 school year. My job is to get the “TerrapiNoise” out to you guys every GBM and to design the pretty little flyers that you see posted around campus. I’m also your modern director! If you’re interested in writing for our newspaper, posting on our blog, joining modern, or if you have any other questions, ask me anytime. I’ll just be designing and dancing everywhere, so feel welcome to join in on the fun! :)”

Webmaster: Marjorie Desamito

“Sup. I’m known as Mars or that short person. Either one is cool. Anyway, I will be the webmaster for the FCA site for 2013-2014. I truly do hope that we could all get to know each other better in spite of my quietness and my quirks. Outside the compsci world, I enjoy playing the piano, singing, song-writing, drawing, creative writing, taekwondo, and other silly things like irony and anime. Suggestions? Creativity? Feel free to share and entertain my mind-muse! After all, your opinions and feelings do matter. Here’s to an unfathomably awesome year ahead! FCA GO! 0w0”

Freshman Representative: Alexis Flores

“I’m Alexis Flores and the Freshman Representative for the 2013-2014 school year! I am currently studying International Business and am planning to minor in Chinese. My passions in life are dancing, traveling, and food. As Fresh Rep, my partner and I help in uniting the freshmen to the FCA Family. I want to make our freshman year unforgettable! Got ideas for activities having to do with the Freshmen? Hit me up (:”

Freshman Representative: Rafael Baino

“Hey everybody! My name is Rafael, but you all can call me Raffi! This year, I will be one of your freshmen representatives. My partner Alexis and I have the goal of getting all of the FCA freshmen more involved with the larger FCA family. Some of my hobbies include playing soccer, working on computers, and hanging out with friends. If you have any questions regarding FCA, freshmen events, or just want to talk, feel free to e-mail me anytime!”