pres_2011President: Jeanine Reyes

“Hey guys! I’m Jeanine, but everyone calls me “j9,” so you’re welcome to call me that too! I love FCA, and everything about it: the sports (we always have a blast no matter what we’re playing), the dancing (which I do, although I am not coordinated), community service, etc. As your president, I want to give you, the general body, what you are looking for in a cultural organization. With your feedback, I hope to make this a fun year for everyone. The 2010-2011 years looks like it will be packed with tons of events, so come out and enjoy it with us! There are a ton of ways to get involved and it really is a good time. We usually hang out in the STAMP food court between classes, so stop by sometime and just say hi :). I can’t wait to meet all the new people this year!”

vicepres_2011Vice President: Veronica Lim

“Hi I’m Veronica. I love long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. I love FCA. I love Family 1. A fun fact about me: I got to dance on wowowee. But on a serious note, I’m Vice President of FCA and you can call me Nica. 2010-2011 looks like it will be another great year for FCA. Come out, meet new friends, and get involved! If you have any questions feel free to ask. I hope to see you at FCA events and can’t wait to meet you.”

treas_2011Treasurer: Amy Kai Wong

“Hey my name’s Amy and I will be serving as your Treasurer. I pretty much make sure we have enough money to do all these cool events that are really for you guys. Last year I was the female’s sports coord and had a great time playing Turkeybowl, basketball, and volleyball. I hope to see you around and if you want to get involved with fundraising for FCA let me know your ideas,etc.!”

secretary_2011Secretary: Cerilyn Burgos

“Hello everyone! My name is Cerilyn and I am the secretary of FCA. I take notes during meetings, book rooms for events, and help everyone to stay organized. Outside of FCA, I am also this year’s FACES fashion show Chair and a member of the Tito BoyScouts Dance Crew. I’m looking forward to another year of being a part of such an amazing organization and helping to make everyone’s year an unforgettable one!”

PR_2011Public Relations: Nicole Calaro

“Hiyo! You’ll probably get a lot of messages and events from me for everything dealing with FCA. I’ll try to tone down the cheese but I promise you everything we do is fun and worthwhile! I’m optimistic and kind of dorky but I love to laugh and meet new people, so don’t be afraid to say Hi.”

commserv_2011Community Service Chair: Christine Bustamante

“Hey everyone! I’m Christine – the new Community Service Chair for 2010-2011. I’m pretty excited for this upcoming year. I’m planning on starting up a couple of interesting community service projects that I hope you might like to participate in. I’m always up for any new, creative ideas, so let me know if you have any. Hope to see you around!”

d6rep1_2011D6 Representative: Jitter Garcia

“Hi I’m Jitter and I’m the District VI representative for CP. Come out to D6 Events!”

d6rep2_2011D6 Representative: Matthew Magnaye

“Hello! My name is Matthew Magnaye and it’s my second year serving as the FIND District VI’s Representative for College Park. I also serve as D6’s Co-Chair this year, where I coordinate ways for the district to work more closely together. For fun, I work at The Birchmere, America’s Legendary Music Hall, where I get to meet famous people! I love sports, finding new places to eat, and music. Most importantly, I love FCA and I know you will too!”

d6rep3_2011D6 Representative: Peter Tarectecan

“What’s up FCA members and general public? My name is Peter, but you can also call me Pater. I’m one of your D6 Representatives. I’ve got info on what’s going with D6 events or the many other colleges in D6. I’m also Modern Dance Chair. Contact me if you have the urge to dance for D6 Semi-Formal, our annual Philippine Culture Night, or just for fun. You can usually find me at Stamp or maybe Chemistry Building for dance practice. Let’s make this year spectacular!”

malesports_2011Male Sports Coordinator: Giancarlo Bautista

“Hellooooo. I am Giancarlo but often known as Gian. For 2010-2011, I have the pleasure of being FCA’s male sports coordinator! I work closely with Icah, my female sports counterpart, to make sure we give FCA’s general body the opportunities to compete and have fun in various sports whether it be in intramurals or within the D6 community. Any sports-related questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to direct them my way.”

femsports_2011Female Sports Coordinator: Monica De Guzman

“Oh hi hi. =) My name’s Monica De Guzman, but I’m known as Icah by my friends and colleagues. I love to smile and make nonsense jokes, so if you ever hear a girl laughing and making things awkward, or see a smiley face anywhere, THAT’S ME! =). I dance for UMD’s DyNaMiC Dance Troupe so I’m always dancing in my head. I’m so excited to be your new Female Sports Coordinator for the upcoming year. In working with Gian, our Male Sports Coordinator, I hope to encourage and inspire you all to come out to and participate in our FCA sporting events. Please feel free to approach me with any of your questions regarding sports or anything else! =) Kaybye!”

hist_2011Historian: Christian Enguillado

“Hello! I’m Christian and I’ll be serving as your 2010-2011 historian. When it comes to documenting all of the FCA events with crazy cool pictures and videos, I’m your guy. I’m almost always taking pictures, so expect to see your face soon on any of the FCA presentations. I’m a happy go lucky, always smiling kind of guy, and always up for anything. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring. It’s going to be a great year!”

islander_2011Islander Editor: Krizzia Sera Josef

“Hello, my name is Krizzia, I’m the editor-in-chief of this year’s Islander Newsletter. I love to write but especially love it when I have a cup of coffee to accompany my thoughts. When I’m not too busy writing or loving grammar, I like to smile and lose my voice from laughing. I can’t wait for the good times that are ahead for this year, I hope you can come and be a part of them! “

web_2011Webmaster: Nestor Baltazar

“Hello, how do you do. I’m Nestor Baltazar friends and colleagues call me Nestor/Nezz but most people call me… Awesome. JK! A little bit about myself, I am a very very SHY individual.I hate playing sports especially tennis and basketball. I hate food and massages. I am not spontaneous at all. Never. Oh those were all lies. You’ll probably see me around stamp all the time so don’t be afraid to say hi! On a serious note, I will serve as your Webmaster this year! If you have any ideas for the site, don’t hesitate to tell me. Come out to FCA Events they’re really fun! “

MaleFresh2011Freshman Representative: Andrew Aggabao

“Hello! I’m Andrew and excited to be on eboard this year as one of the freshman reps! Contact me for any information regarding ate/kuya events, freshmen events, or anything in general! Feel free to tell me any ideas you have; the more you have, the better! We want to see as many faces, old and new at events so tell all your friends, come meet new people, and we can make it a great year. “

KatieGFreshman Representative: Katie Gagan

“HI! I’m Katie. I LOVE to collect straws…as well as dance and do sports. As freshmen representative I help set up events such as freshmen dinners and ate/kuya get-togethers. If you have any ideas of something new we could do, please let me or my partner, Andrew know!”