presPresident: Jose Alejandro Almario

“Hey guys. It’s me, Alejandro Almario, but most people call me Andro. I previously served as the male sports coordinator and the treasurer and it is my privilege to serve as the president for the 2009-2010 school year. Outside of FCA, I am an avid cyclist, soccer player and tennis fan. I currently work at the Association of American Veterinarian Medical Colleges and I volunteer at the Howard County Animal Shelter. I’m looking forward to the year and the events that we have planned. Be on the look out for FCA events and I look forward to seeing everyone during the year!”

Vice President: Jeanine Reyesvicepres

“Hey guys! I’m Jeanine, but everyone calls me “j9,” so you’re welcome to call me that too! I love FCA, and everything about it: the sports (we always have a blast no matter what we’re playing), the dancing (which I do, although I am not coordinated), community service, etc. This year looks like a fun year, so come out and enjoy it with us! There are a ton of ways to get involved and it really is a good time. We usually hang out in the STAMP food court between classes, so stop by sometime and just say hi :). I can’t wait to meet all the new people this year!”

treasTreasurer: Christine Aggabao

“Hello and welcome to FCA! My name is Christine, but once you hang around FCA long enough, you will soon discover that everyone calls me Boo-Boo. I served on FCA’s e-board during my freshman and sophomore years as Freshman Rep and the Public Relations Officer. Now, I am back on e-board as this year’s treasurer, after a year long hiatus during my junior year. I really want to do some awesome fundraisers this year so FCA has all the financial capabilities to do the awesome things we plan to do! If you have any fundraiser ideas, feel free to contact me.”

secreSecretary: Veronica Lim

“Hi I’m Veronica. I love long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. I love FCA. I love Family 1. A fun fact about me: I got to dance on wowowee. But on a serious note, I’m Secretary of FCA and you can call me Nica. My job includes keeping notes of meetings and making sure everything stays organized. I hope to see you at FCA events and can’t wait to meet you!”

pubrelaPublic Relations: Priscilla Tiglao

“Hi everyone! My name’s Priscilla Tiglao, and I’m the Public Relations Officer for FCA. I’m a junior studying Biochemistry, and I’m also minoring in Spanish. I love to dance, and I co-direct the hip-hop/modern dance group of FCA. I also love meeting new people and making new friends, so I’m planning lots of collaborative events for FCA and other organizations. So, if we haven’t met, don’t be afraid to approach me! I’m all for making new contacts and meeting new members =).”

commservCommunity Service: Maria Rivera

“Mabuhay! My name is Maria and I am the Community Service Chair on the FCA Exec Board. As the service chair, my responsibilities include to increase service involvement in the general body, to coordinate service events, and to receive and implement student input. In addition to my passion for community service, I also love to dance. As the cultural chair, I will be coordinating the filipino cultural dances for PCN. I am excited for the year and I am very happy to be a part of the FCA family.”

d6rep1D6 Representative: Jitter Garcia

“Hi I’m Jitter and I’m the District VI representative for CP. Come out to D6 Events!”

d6rep2D6 Representative: Matthew Magnaye

“Greetings! My name is Matthew Magnaye and I serve as the FIND District VI representative. My goal is to promote unity of Filipino college students around the DC-Metro area. Mabuhay!”

malesportsMale Sports Coordinator: Paolo Astorga

“Hello everyone! I’m Paolo, and I coordinate sports for males!!! Amy and I are basically in charge of all sport-related events in FCA, and we want YOU to come out and join us! If you’re interested in playing intramural sports or any of our other events, let one of us know! Thanks, and welcome to the team!”

femsportsFemale Sports Coordinator: Amy Wong

“Hey, I’m the female sports coordinator for the 2009-2010 season. Looking forward to getting more involvement from our general body in participating in sports and activities. Let’s win Turkeybowl this year!”

histHistorian: Valerie Reyes Pejoro

“Greetings! Friends call me Val. I like to meet new people and FCA is a great outlet for that! In my spare time I like to watch Filipino and Korean dramas and variety shows. Hep hep hooray! I’m going to travel the world one day. Wanna come with? Don’t forget to keep it phresh, keep it nerdy.”

editIslander Editor: Nicole Calaro

“Making my way downtown, walking past, faces past and I’m homebound. Staring blankly ahead, making my way, making my way through the crowd. Just kidding. I love jamming to Taylor Swift before I study and rock when I get ready for class. I’m probably too optimistic for my own good and a pretty big dork (but shh, that’s a secret).
On a serious note, I’m a sophomore in the Business School and double majoring in Accounting and Information Systems.”

webWebmaster: Dan Carlo Maglasang

“Hi. How are you doing today? Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy your stay. Let me know if you have any web related issues.”