Prominent among the performing outlets across FCA is its very own Modern Dance, the organization’s premier contemporary dance group. The main highlight of Modern features biweekly dancing workshops, where students of all levels of experience come to learn routines taught by accomplished choreographers from our community as well as affiliates from UMD dance teams. Not only do these workshops offer a rich taste of FCA culture and bonding, but often they are also in preparation for organizational, local, and even university performances. Every year, Modern takes the spotlight in the widely recognized events, District VI’s Semi Formal and FCA’s Philippine Culture Night, to name just a few of its performance venues. Its choreography boasts a range of musical genres from hip-hop to pop to even jazz, catering to a wide variety of dancers and audience types. Modern Dance is an enjoyable artistic outlet for dancers both new and seasoned alike.

See other dances we’ve done on our YouTube channel or by coming out to one of our practices which happen every Wednesday! Keep up to date on announcements by joining the UMCP FCA Modern Dance Facebook Group!

Modern Directors:
– Noemi Arquero
– Teanna Tang

Feel free to contact any of our Modern Directors for inquiries about performances and other miscellaneous information.