Here in FCA, we celebrate Filipino culture through various events. We have Filipino cuisine cooking workshops, intimate classes to learn Tagalog, a Cultural Retreat, and many more activities throughout the year!

However, one of the primary ways we learn about Filipino culture is through traditional Filipino dance. Under instruction from our wonderful choreographer, Don Verde, FCA has performed over 26 different Filipino dances over the past 14 years. Our dance troupe has also performed on many different stages, including galas in the DC area, weddings, and FCA’s very own Philippine Culture Night here at the University of Maryland. You do not need prior dance experience to join, just an open heart and open mind. So if you’re interested, feel free to reach out to us using the links below! 🙂

For updates on dance practices, you can check out our Facebook group:

Cultural – UMCP FCA: Sayaw Pilipino

Co-Cultural Chairs:
-Harvey Saquilayan
-Melanie McFarland

For more info on other cultural events, please feel free to contact the Cultural Chairs at